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A trailblazing partnership with the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, and their exclusive network of member businesses, joining forces to create positive change around a common vision for the common good, while making a daily impact in our community.

We all benefit when our locality has access to the resources needed to live healthy, educated, robust lives. Teaming together, we've created a cutting-edge investment opportunity that helps your business achieve its philanthropic goals and play a critical role towards improving the quality of life for those right here in Cleveland County. 

What Is Chamber United 365 ?

An innovative initiative that makes giving back easier, rewarding, and affordable, advancing the power to enable long-lasting change on the issues that matter most.

That is the power of community.

We are stronger together! 

Why Should My Business Partner?

Engaging gives your business purpose to impact the lives of the people around you while helping to fulfill the gaps of everyday human needs.

Your business can help improve the health and wellness of those around you. Giving will not only help to strengthen your workplace culture, but that of your business stewardship.

When you partner with a purpose and join the Chamber United 365 program, it establishes your business as a Pillar in the Community. When you help other people, people often want to support you in return, resulting in an increase towards growing your company's brand awareness, expanding your network, boosting sales, and gaining the retention and loyalty of your employees.  

How Can My Business Join?

For as little as $1 a day, or an annual gift of at least $365, your business can join Chamber United 365 and change a life for a neighbor in need.

Your business donation stays right here in Cleveland County, ensuring the maximum impact for the value of your investment.

It’s tax deductible, and offers your business the opportunity to have a real, measurable impact for strengthening the communities around us.

Coming together creates a catalyst for sustainable, long-term outcomes, enhancing our efforts towards paving a pathway for more prominent and effective access to health, education and financial stability.

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